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Cold chain temperature recorder

With the continuous development of industrial technology, temperature-sensitive commodities such as vaccines, biological agents and pharmaceuticals need to be recorded and tracked in the process of processing, storage, transportation and sales to ensure product quality. It is the cold chain system.
The domestic cold chain logistics is very depleted, and the backward hardware facilities and imperfect quality control management are the main factors. In the quality control management of cold chain logistics, temperature is the key point, too high or too low will cause deterioration. Cold chain temperature recorders are required for traceability requirements for real-time monitoring and temperature data.
The cold chain of medicines consists of four aspects: cryoprocessing, frozen storage, refrigerated transport and distribution, and frozen sales, and is most prone to problems in refrigerated transport and distribution. The refrigerated transportation and distribution of medicines need to be kept within the range of 2~8 °C, and the original monitoring technology is the biggest technical bottleneck. In order to ensure the temperature monitoring in the refrigerated transportation and distribution of drugs, to overcome the shortcomings of poor real-time performance, disjointed supervision, evidence collection and responsibility definition, a cold chain temperature record that can realize automatic storage of temperature data and non-contact reading is designed. Instrument, the cold chain temperature recorder.

The cold chain temperature recorder is mainly composed of a temperature sensor, a microcontroller and a data memory. The basic workflow of the whole system is: first, the temperature sensor uses the internal A/D converter to convert the collected temperature value to obtain the corresponding digital quantity, after receiving the serial clock pulse (SCL) and read data command issued by the microcontroller. The data is transmitted to the microcontroller through the I2C bus, and the microcontroller processes the data transmitted by the temperature sensor, and then the microcontroller issues a serial clock pulse (SCL) and a write data command to the memory, and stores the data through the I2C bus. Within the data memory.
Cold chain temperature recorder is applied in the refrigerating transportation and distribution of drugs. It needs to consider the temperature resistance, endurance time and data storage capacity of the product. Therefore, the device selection needs to consider the applicable temperature range, data transmission mode, speed and power consumption of the device. factor. The temperature recorder should have the following features:
◆Measured temperature range 2~8°C, measurement accuracy ±0.5°C.
◆The system has low power consumption and long battery life.
◆Data storage space is large, and data reading is convenient.
◆ Small size, easy to install.
◆It is convenient to replace the battery, the price is low, and it can be recycled.


PDF temperature data logger of Xiamen Measung Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Generate PDF reports without any software or drivers. Internal and external probes are optional. These data loggers are ideal for monitoring the temperature of transport, storage and test processes. Press the button to start and stop recording. It is placed in a USB slot on any computer and provides direct access to PDF reports without any software or drivers.

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