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How to apply temperature and humidity recorder in textile industry

The temperature and humidity recorder can assist all aspects of the textile industry to regulate the temperature and humidity changes. The temperature and humidity conditioning in the textile industry is very important, and the temperature and humidity measurement is a new category developed by the ancient measurement. The measurement of special humidity is constantly moving. .

Today, as we are no longer satisfied with the measurement of temperature and humidity, more demand for changes in temperature and humidity throughout the process, led to the birth of a new temperature and humidity measuring instrument - temperature and humidity recorder.

The temperature and humidity recorder measures the temperature and humidity parameters and stores them according to the predetermined time interval. After the storage is completed, it is connected to the PC, and the application software is used to submit the stored data and analyze the data according to its value and time. instrument.


Common temperature and humidity recorder features:

1, USB communication interface:

(1) software operation instrument automatically connects, automatically download and store data, the operation is more convenient;

(2) data export convenience, can be directly connected with the notebook to transfer, no need to go to the desktop in the office to analyze the data;

2, long storage time

3, the whole circuit is treated with low power consumption, using built-in high-capacity battery power supply; the example setting shows refresh "synchronization", the distance is more than 10 seconds, and the battery life is more than three years.

4. It has the dual power switching function of battery and external power supply. Under the condition of external power adapter, the lithium battery does not need to be powered, and the power is not lost.

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