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Temperature Humidity Data Logger

        Temperature Humidity Data Logger is one of the Temperature Humidity measuring instrument.It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor or can be connected to the external temperature and humidity sensor to measure the temperature and humidity function.Early Temperature recorder is a paper type -- Temperature Humidity Data Logger.

        With the popularization and wide application of computer, the paperless temperature and humidity recorder comes into being. Due to its more accurate data recording, more convenient data storage and more convenient data analysis function, its market share increases year by year.With USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger is very convenient to download and save the Data.


        In recent years, introduced U dish Temperature Humidity Data Logger, Temperature Humidity Data Logger miniaturization to the extreme.Wireless Temperature Humidity Data Logger also makes it possible to record and manage the Temperature and Humidity in a certain area.


     With the development of Internet of things and cloud technology, gprs-type temperature recorder for real-time data upload has been launched one after another. Users can view and download data anytime and anywhere through computer browser or mobile app. When the data exceeds the limit, users can also receive SMS alerts.The development of cloud storage makes the temperature recorder get a qualitative improvement. The recorder also adds the positioning function. Based on the positioning of the base station, it can not only record the temperature but also indicate the position coordinate of the equipment.Temperature Humidity Data Logger is mainly used in food storage and transportation, museum, building materials experiment, agriculture, forest and animal husbandry, medical and sanitary places, pipeline maintenance and so on.The product is easy to carry and easy to operate.

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